One Hive Foundation is live - Call for proposals

Aug 30, 2023
One Hive Foundation logo

One Hive Foundation is a private foundation that aims to promote pollinator health and ecologically responsible agriculture. As someone who cares deeply about the environment and the impact of human actions on our planet, I am excited to be helping this organization that is actively working towards accelerating solutions that combine science, innovation, and respect for the environment.

One Hive Foundation's grants focus on supporting projects that foster ecologically responsible agricultural practices for the future. As a hub of collaboration, the foundation shares research findings, facilitates communication among partners and funders, and raises public awareness.

What I love about One Hive Foundation is its commitment to being science-based, inclusive, community-oriented, and collaborative. The foundation is managed by a team of advisors, scientists, and partners, supplemented by an extended network that brings further expertise, knowledge, and perspective.

If you share our passion for pollinator health, ecologically responsible agriculture, education and advocacy, and projects that examine agricultural impacts to public health, I encourage you to check out One Hive Foundation's website and consider applying for their Request for Proposals. Together, we can nurture a diverse ecosystem that supports the health, growth, and sustainability of our planet Earth, and thus our collective survival.

For more information about One Hive Foundation and their current grantees, please visit their website at

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