Learn the teachings from the most sucessfull society in natural history,

the honey bees.

     Coming from a family of beekeepers, and teaching and researching honey bees at U.S. Universities and the Federal Government. I have developed a fun method for teaching  science using honey bees. 


     Simply, I will create challenges, guided by your questions, and we go from there. I will create a personalized learning experience, regardless of your educational background.


     You will find it entertaining, flexible, and help contribute ideas for Inside the hive.TV videos, which everyone can enjoy for free on YouTube.

Dr. Humberto Boncristiani

How does the academy work? 

     First, the academy will teach you how to search for and read scientific publications. Then, through challenges, you'll gain confidence in accessing information from scientific journals and databases. As you become more comfortable, you can select specific articles that interest you. I will use these articles to create content for you to learn the technical components and biology behind it. If you want to study other subjects related to bees, simply choose different articles and we start over. Enjoy!

Who is the academy for?

     The academy is for everyone, especially those individuals who enjoy the mission of the Inside The Hive YouTube channel and want to support it. Or further, if you want to get involved on the challenges and take full advantage of the academy by creating your own learning path. 

What if my financial situation changes?

     We understand that life can throw unexpected curve balls, and we completely understand if your circumstances change. If you decide to leave or scale down your membership tier, there is no problem at all.  You can always enjoy Inside The Hive YouTube channel for free.  We are always here for you, and if things change, you are always welcome to rejoin at any time. 

Pick your membership option below, and start your learning journey today.

Emerging Bee


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  • Help me to create¬†more YouTube videos¬†for everyone.¬†(Thank you!)
  • Early access to my¬†YouTube videos¬†
  • Early access to my¬†Podcasts¬†episodes.
  • Access to¬†community-only posts.¬†(News, research, Beekeeping, pests & Diseases, honey bee products etc.)
  • Access to Challenges, where you start your personalized learning experience.
  • Access to Live online events (Meetups).¬†Dr. Boncristiani or guest speakers will cover the topics raised by members in engaging classes.
  • Interact with other academy members to learn from their own experiences (make new friends!)

Worker Bee


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  • All Previous perks from¬†Emerging Bee, plus...
  • Access to¬†Advanced Challenges, where you will complement your¬†personalized learning experience.
  • Live in-person Meetups (I will let members know where I am in the world and if we are close by, why not get lunch together?) Fun!
  • Access to recorded Meetups in case you missed the live events.
  • Ability to VOTE¬†on any topic of discussion.
  • 15% OFF¬†on my online store.


Queen Bee


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  • All Previous perks from¬†Emerging Bee and Worker Bee, plus...
  • One exclusive video per year,¬†you chose the subject. (No voting needed) or one online talk to your beekeping club per year (Transportation not lodging not included).
  • Your name highlighted¬†at the end of my videos on YouTube.¬†
  • Individuals belonging to beekeeping clubs supporting this tier get¬†FREE ACCESS to the "Emerging Bee" for tier for 3 months and 50% OFF on the "Worker Bee" tier.
  • My deepest gratitude¬†‚̧ԳŹ (I have no words...)

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