Varroa mites feed on Hemolymph and Fat bodies - Dr. Olav Ruppell

Episode #13

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In this episode of Inside The Hive TV, Dr. Boncristiani chats with Dr. Olav Ruppell, Professor at the University of Albertam about his last publication on the feeding habits of Varroa mites, a major pest of honey bees. The study reveals surprising findings about the mites' diet, challenging previous claims and highlighting the complexity of their feeding behavior. Dr. Boncristiani discusses the research in detail, explaining how the mites primarily feed on the fat bodies of adult bees but adjust their diet to hemolymph when feeding on pupae. The video emphasizes the need for a comprehensive understanding of mite feeding behavior to develop effective control strategies. Join Dr. Boncristiani as he delves into the fascinating world of honey bee research and encourages viewers to keep an open mind to new scientific discoveries. Don't miss this insightful episode of Inside The Hive TV, the show that takes you into the world of bees.