A life dedicated to honey bees - Dr. Malcolm Sanford

Episode #3

Podcast show notes 3/11/2023

Introducing Dr. Malcolm T. Sanford: Educated at the University of Georgia, Athens. Career begins at The Ohio State University 1979. Hired by at the University of Florida in 1981, as Extension Beekeeping Specialist. retired in 2001 as Professor Emeritus.

Writer for the beekeeping press for over 30 years with extensive foreign travel consulting, and reporting on beekeeping practices, and currently offering to the beekeeping public The Apis Information Resource Center, A Guide to Modern Beekeeping Practices:
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Author of Storeyā€™s Guide to Keeping Honey Bees, second edition published in 2018, with over 300 generally positive reviews on Amazon.com.  https://amzn.to/2pruX6W 

Also author of Beekeeping Without Borders, Apiculture in Italy and France at the Dawn of the European Union