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These are the people that give me ideas, advices and make this channel more special everyday. a bunch of crazy people that donate their time to help me to spread the importance of bees to the world.


Dawn Lopez

Ms. Dawn Lopez has worked in the field of Honeybee research for 20 years. Dawn holds a master degree in molecular biology from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and she currently works at the USDA Honey Bee Research Lab in Beltsville Maryland, where she became a molecular diagnostics specialist. Dawn’s passion about bees led her to also share her knowledge giving talks in schools and events about the importance of bees.

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Dr. MALCOLM Sanford

Dr. Malcolm T. Sanford is Professor Emeritus, Department of Entomology and Nematology, University of Florida.  He has over a thirty-year history of extension beekeeping experience with a long publication history, including Storey’s Guide to Keeping Honey Bees.  He is currently the creator of the Apis Information Resource Center and authors a unique Beekeeping Digest via the Patreon platform.  In retirement from academia, Dr. Sanford continues to be involved in current events surrounding what is being called honey bee health.  He is cooperator in the current project known as, which seeks to use sound as an indicator of the status of honey bee colonies under beekeeper management. See a description of this effort in an article published in the American Bee Journal.


Mary Bammer

Mary Bammer has been working with bees since 2011 as a beekeeper, then researcher, and as an educator. From 2016-2019, she managed the outreach and Extension programs for the University of Florida Honey Bee Lab, including multiple Bee College conferences, the Florida Master Beekeeper Program, as well as numerous workshops, presentations, and publications. Mary loves working with beekeepers, especially those just starting their beekeeping journeys, and sharing her experiences with beekeepers, veterinarians, school groups, garden clubs, and more. Looking for a speaker? Some of the topics that Mary enjoy covering include: -How to Work a Hive (hive demo, live colony required), Honey Bee Biology, -Swarms, -The Importance of Bees, -Honey Extraction, -How Bees Make Honey, -Pollination Ecology, -Native Bees, -Bumble Bees, Don’t see a topic that you are looking for? Mary is happy to work with you to tailor a presentation or workshop for the needs of your group!


B.S. Wildlife Biology and Management, Michigan State University, 2013 M.S. Extension Education, University of Florida, 2019


David Westervelt

Born and raised in Umatilla, Florida David became interested in beekeeping at the age six while working with his father in their garden. Throughout high school, I kept working bees, and after graduating from Umatilla High School, my father (John) and I started D & J Apiary. We worked 125 to 175 hives until he Joined the United States Army at 20, during 10 years in the Army I had the opportunity to work bees in; Germany, Austria, Spain, France, Costa Rica, and Peru. Looking for a speaker? David worked for the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services as a Bee Inspector and as an Environmental Specialist I and Researcher, Chief Apiarist for FDACS, and Retired after 26 years with FDACS. David has worked on numerous research projects with United States Department Agriculture, the Food and Drug Administration, State Universities, and other Countries; Germany, England, Canada, Africa, and Australia on Varroa mites, Tracheal mites, American Foulbrood disease, Small Hive beetles, Nosema, and more recently, Colony Collapse Disorder . I have received several awards for research work on honey bees from the United State Department Agriculture, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Apiary Inspectors of America, Florida State Beekeepers Association, National Honey Producers, American Beekeeper Association, and more recently the Davis Productivity Award.