Consulting services for companies.

Companies from almost any specialty can use the power of honey bees in their business model. It is fascinating to see how honey bees can add value to  any business, either directly or indirectly, and we are here to facilitate it. We are constantly developing projects together with commercial beekeeping operations, research institutions, restaurants, golf clubs, schools, government agencies, etc. 

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Companies can consider us for projects involving:

  1. Private Research (Product Development) *

  2. Problem Solving

  3. Honey Bee Advising 

  4. Field Trials (Performing/Supervising/Advising)

  5. Marketing Strategies using Bees

  6. Lectures/Presentations

  7. Public speaking

  8. Live Honey Bee Hive demonstration

  9. Events

  10. Photography and Videography.

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